Oumnia El Khazzani

Embodied Mindfulness Guide

Awakening is a journey you,
and only you,
can decide to take.

It is the practice of seeing yourself clearly,
beyond the veil of the mind and ego.
It is the practice of
coming home to your whole self:
the physical, the intellectual,
the conscious, the subconscious,
your educated and your innate, primal nature.
It is the process of unearthing all parts of your self that make you whole.

Once discovered, it is an eye-opening concept.
Once embodied, it becomes
a transformational journey.

I guide people on this journey back to wholeness.

Choose your guidance



The process of unearthing our inner voice takes us in the practice of becoming friends with loneliness.
A 6 minute talk.

To be overwhelmed is to be alive.

The symbolic of the winter solstice and an idea of ritual to celebrate this transition.
A 15 minute talk.